Thursday, 17 April 2014

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                        "  Tarun Tejpal moves Supreme Court seeking bail  "

"Shakti Mills gang-rape case: Court awards death penalty to all three convicts"

"Patna bomb blasts: Delhi Police arrests IM operative Tehseen Akhtar"

                        These phrases i got when searching for daily news....!Eventhough such news shake everybody for the first time,then comes as usual along our daily life.If we think over it on and on, we will just come to one 'conclusion' that i'll say ultimately...!

                        So reasoning....first all of us do.Answering 'y?' will surely take us to a Path.Then.., y??There are many unanswered questions!!Let us think over it.Why should one do crime?If we loose temper ,we will shout or cry or become silent.Why one thinks to kill other,or harass other living being? whats its need? Dont he/she know its wrong or donot aware of its consequences??Then y?  Its the situation and people who make a human, 'a crime'...! So now the 'others' are wrong...right? They have intended to make one to do crime..We should take in that way??  NO...Then What??

                      See...Reasoning will promote a clearance and not a solution!! These kind of situations, our neighbour countries or anyother developed countries have experienced...What was their reaction?One thing that is to be remembered is we are still a developing country! We follow a well developed country as we know and no need to be mentioned!


Before that let me ask one question....Who owns internet?Who is controlling all this?We come across a lot of unavoidable stuffs and detoriations,Who is managing all this?This is again an unanswered question! So problem lies here.We want to lead a life like an American,or a Chinese,or a Japanese and not an Indian!Since we are bonded with pretty cultures and regulations., we try to come out of that web,we face difficulties! Thinking about myself-Anonymous culture!Thinking also for others-Indian culture! Our ancestors thought about others..,we got freedom! Our ancestors thought about A change..,we got a change!Our ancestors thought about A good life..,and yes we are enjoying it.But still Desire for a change!

                    Loosing one's identity and searching to stick with someother is like Ignoring our parents and going to a sophisticated Home as an orphan! So if we think like our ancestors,These are due to today's Easy going attitude! And what is that?That is ...talking,critcising,commenting, other's problems and leaving it as such! Mere talks and opinions wont pave us for a change.Changing mind can change a lot! After seeing children singing nasty and annoying songs in reality shows only, we realise the seriousness! What they can do?They do what they see...!So it becomes our responsibility to think for change.Even we enjoyed those songs once,but when comes to a child's adoption ,its slightly disgusting.Remember, here is a generation which is going to take form as one Gandhi,or one Vivekananda,or one Teresa,or a Mandela or a Criminal..!!

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